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Whitening at home

There are many techniques, whitening agents, application times, concentrations, and many variables in teeth whitening treatments. One of these options is to use the same whitening agents that we use in the clinic, at a lower concentration with acetate guards that we make individually for each patient.

All of this is done with instructions, materials and products that are given directly by the professional in charge of the case. The problem is that now we see many trends on social networks with “advice” from influencers where they use various products that supposedly leave teeth white. , products range from baking soda, household cleaning products, even bleach. All of these “advice” are (and we cannot be more emphatic about this) dangerous, harmful and we ask the reader to please NOT IMPROVISE WITH HOMEMADE TEETH WHITENING.

This is a very serious issue, which we consider dangerous, high risk, with consequences that can be even fatal. In a social network where influencers upload posts of audiovisual content, especially videos, a specific influencer uploaded a video where she literally uses a household cleaning product that contains sulfuric acid and formaldehyde, whose slogan for sale is “muscles.” enough to clean up any mess in the home”, yes, “…to clean up any mess in the home” and challenges the dentists in the same video to deny it, and beyond that, to confirm that fluoride is good for teeth. Although it may seem like a story or a story that is difficult to believe, this video was viewed more than 2.5 million times on that social network. With this we would like to conclude that any treatment in any area of ​​health, whether oral or not, should be carried out by specialists, not improvise and ignore videos, photos or advice that can go viral on social networks.

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