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What is the dental caries?

Tooth decay is an infectious process on the surfaces of teeth that is caused by bacteria. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist should keep caries at bay and prevent them from forming. However, the appearance of cavities is multifactorial, aspects such as hygiene, eating habits, saliva pH, among others, influence some variables, we can control, and others, as we already saw, not so much.

The important thing is to detect cavities in time, prevent them from spreading and causing more serious damage to the teeth. At Dental Digital we have the tools and technology to detect cavities not only clinically and radiographically during the assessment consultation, but we also evaluate the depth of each cavity and thus we know perfectly which carious processes are deep enough to be eliminated and restored, either with resins, inlays or the ideal material as required by each case, and which carious processes are in a very superficial layer of the tooth, what we know as incipient cavities, which do not require treatment but must be kept under observation to avoid its advancement and prolong the life of the intact tooth structure for as long as possible.

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