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The thermometers used since Covid kill neurons.

Since this “new” life began as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, non-contact thermometers began to be used to measure the temperature of people entering any establishment, of course including those that provide health services. This is because in its first stage, one of the first symptoms of the disease caused by this virus was an increase in body temperature, fever, dry cough, among many others, although the majority of infections were asymptomatic, it does not hurt. prevent.

At Dental Digital, we keep a log and a daily record of each patient who arrives at our facilities, as well as the staff who work here. This is not infallible, most infections are asymptomatic (they do not present symptoms), and especially in the new variants of the virus, most infections, even symptomatic ones, do not present fever. But as with most of the technological devices that invade the world market, it did not take long for the supposed collateral damage of thermometers to go viral on the networks. The myths range from using them on the head to damage neurons, which are carcinogenic devices, which They erase our memory and even connect our thoughts with international intelligence agencies and that everything is a great conspiracy to “sell” us more products or even control our thoughts and actions.

To some this may sound impossible, which is an exaggeration, but all this is heard more often than you think. The reality is that the infrared thermometers (in the form of a gun) that are currently being used worldwide do not emit any type of radiation, do not damage neurons and ultimately do not connect minds with Machiavellian intelligence services, in fact, their function is much simpler, to begin with, they do not emit any signal, nor any type of energy. Rather, they are energy receivers, they measure the temperature of the object or person at which they are pointed and reflect the measurement digitally on their screen. In conclusion, there is nothing to fear regarding thermometers, and yes, they measure temperature better (they are more accurate) if they are pointed at people's heads or necks.

At Dental Digital we understand the risks of a dental consultation in times of Covid, that is why beyond keeping the temperature log, all instruments are sterilized between patient and patient, our waiting and reception areas are kept sanitized 24 hours a day. of the day, every day of the year with a device designed specifically for that, while the offices are disinfected with chemical agents for surfaces in concentrations that have been shown in the laboratory to eliminate more than 99% of bacteria, parasites, fungi, spores and viruses (including Covid-19). Our staff has adequate protection measures, top-level physical barriers, approved by international medical societies that minimize almost to the point of nullifying the possibilities of dentist-patient and patient-dentist contagion. Even though the majority of Covid infections in any of its variants (Delta, Omicron, etc.), are asymptomatic, we recommend continuing to maintain a healthy distance, the use of face masks at all times (except when receiving treatment), washing and disinfecting your hands. frequently and follow the advice of the competent health authorities.

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