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Regular visits to the dentist

Yeah! It is the best way to maintain oral health, detect problems in time, avoid complications of diseases and/or infectious processes. All dentists and dental clinics recommend it, and it is not to fill their agendas (and their pockets), the reality is that, if we all attended our dental check-up appointments regularly, if there is a problem, it will surely be easier to solve, faster, less invasive and surely cheaper. Go to your free assessment appointment or your control appointment if you are already our patient, and avoid problems, pain, and expenses later.

Dental cleaning

When was your last dental cleaning? If you can't quickly answer this question, the answer is “I don't remember,” or it was simply so long ago that you don't know, it's time to go to the dentist for a general evaluation and dental cleaning. Dental cleaning is a minimally invasive procedure in which dental plaque and dental calculus (tartar) are removed using ultrasound and other polishing techniques from tooth surfaces. If done regularly, it prevents periodontal problems, and gives your dentist the opportunity to check that the rest of your teeth and oral tissues are good and healthy.

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