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How much does a dental implant cost in Mexico?

It depends, how much does a car cost in Mexico? How much does it cost to go to dinner in Mexico? How much does it cost to travel in Mexico? How much does it cost to rent an apartment, do shopping? How much does it cost to do anything in Mexico? ... It depends... Everything depends, what it depends on, well on many things. Just like a car, there are many brands of implants, different models, buying a latest model electric truck is not the same as buying a 20-year-old used pickup truck with 300,000 km of travel.

By this I do not mean that used, second-hand implants can be used, and if we continue the comparison with cars, “pre-owned implants” to reduce costs. The quality of the implants causes their prices to vary greatly in the market. Added to this, something of even more value is the quality of the specialist who places them and the specialist who rehabilitates them. Although the implants resemble hardware store screws, they couldn't be further from it, and just as they are different, their placement is not like using a drill in a wall to put in a plug, a screw, and hang a picture. The placement and rehabilitation of dental implants must be done with great care and delicacy, each part of the process is important, and must be meticulously planned, the implant itself must be first class to increase the chances of success.

At Dental Digital everything is taken into consideration, we recommend not getting carried away by “cheap implants”, if they are implants that seem to have prices so low that they seem too good to be real, they probably are. Here we handle top-level implants, we have top-level specialists and we continue to have competitive prices, no case is the same, each patient is special, it is not just another number or a $ symbol that came through the door, we understand that Oral rehabilitation, whether with implants or any other type of dental prosthesis, beyond restoring appearance and aesthetics, restores function and improves the quality of life of all patients.

We do not publish the cost of the implants in our clinic, not because they are expensive, rather we do not do it because it can vary in each patient according to their needs and indications from the specialists, THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE, and beyond that, we have with so many payment facilities that any amount we mention will only go down when you arrive at the clinic, discounts, interest-free months with any credit card, payment facilities by phases in the treatment plan, and many more options, understanding the reality of the current economy, at Dental Digital we adjust to the patient's possibilities, without offering second-rate jobs, without reducing the quality of the specialists, or all the technology at our disposal to achieve optimal results in each case.

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