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Emotional dentistry

Dentistry is directly associated with the emotional health of patients, their self-esteem, quality of life, among others. The interaction between people almost always begins with a greeting, shaking hands, and of course, a smile. Not having a healthy smile, not having an aesthetic smile, having stains, misaligned, crowded or separated teeth, can cause very negative effects on people's self-esteem. The goal of emotional dentistry is to give back or give patients a smile that patients are proud of, that they can smile and be themselves without anything stopping them, without thinking twice before smiling for a photo, when saying hello. to someone or simply what is more important, to feel good about themselves. There are many ways to achieve aesthetic and functional results. Treatments can be comprehensive, with several specialists, or in the simplest cases, with general dentistry, or with one more specialty.

A simple cleaning can restore gingival (gum) health, giving it a healthy, coral-pink appearance, eliminating superficial stains on the teeth, etc. In other cases, dental prosthetic treatments will be necessary, whether dental veneers, crowns, removable prostheses or “dental plates”, in other cases the placement of one or more dental implants will be necessary. It may be faster and easier, and the treatment of choice will be teeth whitening after cleaning to eliminate deeper stains and lighten the color of the teeth. The necessary treatment may be orthodontic to align the teeth and correct the occlusion (bite), which, although it is a longer treatment, and its main purpose is to correct malocclusions, as a secondary result it leaves a much more aesthetic smile.

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