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Unlike what many people think, orthodontic treatments are not dental aesthetic treatments, although the final result of orthodontics leaves a more aesthetic smile, the real function of orthodontics is to correct malocclusions or bite problems, which sometimes Long term they can cause more serious problems such as tooth wear and even joint problems.


To correct malocclusions at Dental Digital we have several fixed orthodontic techniques, some options are more traditional, others more innovative and discreet, however, all offer positive results, it is up to each specific patient which technique they would like for their orthodontics, for example. their position, our doctors will be a valuable guide in making this decision.


Aligners are a relatively new orthodontic technique, in which instead of using fixed brackets cemented to the teeth, the bite is adjusted with the use of clear, removable aligners.

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dentistry with orthodontics

ClearCorrect is a premium alternative to orthodontic aligner treatments.

Being part of the Straumann Group®, it is a brand of aligners that is in a family of the best quality dental products worldwide. Straumann products range from being in the top 3 in the world in the best dental implants, as well as regeneration materials and of course, ClearCorrect aligners. Each treatment is individual for each patient and the aligners are manufactured according to the specific needs of each case in the United States of America and then delivered to our clinic so that orthodontic treatment can begin.

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Invisalign® is a pioneer in orthodontic treatments with dental aligners,

With 12 million treatments worldwide (*Data on file with Align Technology Inc.), it is without a doubt one of the best options for orthodontic treatments with aligners in Mexico. At La Clínica Dental Digital, as an Invisalign Provider, we offer orthodontic treatments with Invisalign aligners for almost all ages. Go to your assessment consultation where a specialist will be able to explain to you what type of Invisalign treatment is best for you.

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Dr. Daniel runs a fantastic clinic
quotes we testify
quotes we testify

Not only are you ensuring that your mouth receives proper care, but you are also ensuring that your mental health is also taken care of in the process. As someone who has experienced panic attacks due to dental procedures, I always feel safe and comfortable at Dental Digital (plus, they don't judge me for being anxious or stressed when those feelings arise). Top-notch care everywhere!


March 2023

Really efficient and professional service
quotes we testify

The clinic is impeccable and has the latest equipment.

The owner Daniel speaks English perfectly. I couldn't recommend it enough!

quotes we testify


March 2023

Dental Digital offers very modern facilities
quotes we testify
quotes we testify

They practice an impeccable health protocol and have high-tech equipment in their procedures and treatments. Its professional staff consists of young, energetic, qualified and empathetic specialists who customize treatment strategies according to the patient's needs.


January 2023

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We change the dental consultation experience and give the patient better, personalized and top-quality care with cutting-edge technology.


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